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A $200,000 Student Debt? Not If I Can Help It!

The Headline Reads: What $200,000 in Student Debt Looks Like

Gawker recently ran this piece on student loan debt and I swear it gave me the sick feeling of staring down the barrel of gun. I'm making strides towards another degree and seriously, I'm freaking out. Graduate school starts in about 4 weeks and I'm worried. Will it fit into my current lifestyle? Will I still find the subject matter interesting? Or will I finally succumb to my creative whims? I swear my brain is so 50/50 sometimes. Half of me is hardcore media-fanatic writer, totally in love with the sound of keyboard strokes and the other is a straight-laced IT professional worrying about 'go-live' dates. *insert rolling eyes here* I swear, I am so sick of myself and this unnecessary confusion. I just continue to pray that one day soon, I will find my ultimate niche. In the meantime, I've decided to send a couple bucks to her cause she might be me in a few years and in these ever-changing times, who knows?

Your Thoughts?
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