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Terry McMillan Brings Waiting To Exhale Squeal To Shelves In September

The Headline Reads: Terry McMillan: Still telling the story

Wow folks. This weekend is already starting off with a BANG thanks to this news article on Terry McMillan (one of my FAVORITE authors). McMillan's set to be the 'guest speaker at a fundraiser [in Providence] for Community Preparatory School, a charter school where 80 percent of students are of color, and 90 percent receive scholarships' but it's the news of her latest book that has me in a tizzy:

Soon, McMillan will have “Getting to Happy,” to be published by Viking in September, for which movie rights have already been sold.

She devoted herself to writing — fictional works drawn from her own life: “Mama” in 1993 about her upbringing as the eldest of five children; “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” in 1998 about meeting and marrying a much younger man; and “The Interruption of Everything” in 2005 about the upheaval of her divorce.

In September, her newest book, “Getting to Happy,” picks up the story of the four female characters in her “Waiting to Exhale.”

“I don’t like to think of it as a sequel but my publisher insisted. After 15 years I’d like to think of it as a revisit. Okay, I guess it’s a sequel.”

Yesss!! I can not wait!

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