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WATCH: March Social Media Breakfast-DC: Blogging The City!

It's been four years since I started this labour of love and though I've probably driven most of my readers crazy with my sporadic posts, I've found myself wanting to learn more and more about this medium called 'social media'. Today, while I was on Twitter (as usual) I learned about a breakfast hosted by Social Media Club – DC Chapter. This breakfast offers media folks an opportunity to learn about how others are using the web to help make the most of what DC has to offer offline. Cool right? I know! At any rate, I couldn't attend the event (thank you mr. bronchitis), but lucky for you and me, the whole event was captured on Ustream. Check it out. Oh and for you NSFW folks, no worries, the boobies in the initial frame go away rather quickly.

What great insight. I really hope I'll be able to make the next one.

Your Thoughts?

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