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Why I Use Twitter.... Wait, It's Been A Whole Year Already?!

How addicted to Twitter are you?Welcome! If you're reading this, then 9 times out of 10, you've reached this page thru my twitter account. I've reached a point in my 'social-media-lovin' life where I've found the need to explain why I use Twitter.

On February 21, 2009, I joined Twitter via an invite from an old colleague. Not knowing what the hell I was doing in those beginning stages, I set out to follow some of my favorite writers. By doing so, I've surrounded myself with other writers, musicians, artists, publishers, business owners, and motivators. I've grown to have such a love for my twitter community!

My Twitter timeline gives me an immediate resource on what's news, what's current, and what's happening from all over the world. There have been MANY times when I've learned about something on Twitter before any of the major media outlets and/or wires! As a writer, Twitter allows me to reach a broader audience for my blog(s) and future books as well as connect with folks that I might not have had the opportunity to communicate with. To keep it simple, Twitter is like my own personal water cooler area, sometimes I engage in professional conversation; sometimes I don't.

Six months into my Twitter experience, something shifted. Between the self-absorbed tweets of daily life, I started becoming more of a service to others by tweeting about a subject I am most passionate about... Mass media! My tweets fostered in my love for all things media-related which dates back to my first computer - a Tandy from Radio Shack. Fast-forwarding to my early stages with AOL 3.0 to my time as the editor of my HS newspaper to my current position as an analyst at a leading newspaper organization, I've always enjoyed the many facets of mass media: internet, music, books, television, magazines, newspapers, etc. But you know what, my tweets don't stop there.

I also enjoy tweeting about social networking, writing resources, technology, food, history, traveling, and shopping. Because I read way more than I write, I love to tweet the many articles I read regarding these topics and others.

During my first year on Twitter, I also learned one minor detail - reciprocation. Sometimes, I get those folks that DEMAND that I follow them back or retweet. To those folks, I say-->How Rude?! I appreciate EVERY tweeter that chooses to follow me as well as the dialogue that ensues, but I'm just not interested in participating in the whole "I-follow-you-so-you-betta-follow-me" mentality. Unlike other social networking sites, Twitter doesn't require folks to follow blindly therefore reciprocation shouldn't be expected. Additionally, one of the first things I did when joining Twitter was to turn off those annoying notifications of followers. I'm much more interested in having folks '@reply' me then to clog up my email in-box. However, if 'reciprocation' is your sort of thing, then you're always welcomed to follow my other Twitter account.

So there you have it, all the things I tweet about plus my reasons for doing so. I look forward to getting to know more tweeters and lord-willin', introducing my FIRST published novel on Twitter. At this point, I suppose it's only appropriate that I end with....

Hit Me On Twitter! :)

Are you on Twitter? Why or why not? Hit me up in the comments.


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