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The Story Behind The Blog....

Soulfull has been journaling and writing novels since she was a youngster. Having worked amidst some of the best journalists in the country at The Washington Post, she runs a blog that has been heralded by America Online, CBS and more. So despite an accomplished career in advertising and information technology, it’s clear that her true allegiance is behind the pen.

“In the journaling realm, I’m dealing with pent up family issues. However, Soulfull of Thoughts presents those issues as well as my opinions to the world on popular culture,” she explains. With creative writing and novels, Soulfull of Thoughts is my playground for creative expression. All that crazy stuff that I’ve had happen in my life, I get to write about it there and change names to protect the innocent.”

Writing was initially a coping mechanism used to deal with a chaotic childhood of living as a middle child with a cleft lip and palate, and growing up with young parents. She wrote and shared novels with her classmates in middle school, and joined various poetry clubs and writing groups as a high school student. But during her junior year, a teacher gave her a new opportunity: to be the editor of the brand new high school paper.

“I thought, ‘That’s a lot of responsibility for an 11th grader, but so be it!’” she remembers. “It was very stressful to be in such a visible position and being unsure of my own talent, but the experience made me want to pursue writing more. I thought, ‘Maybe this passion is more than something that I write in my notebook.’”

After graduating from high school and ending her contractual employment at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, she began a career at The Washington Post. She has had a successful, diverse tenure at The Post, earning several promotions and assuming nearly a dozen positions in the advertising, accounting, and IT departments—11 different positions over 11 years—to hold the paper together behind the scenes. But the position she really wanted—Reporter—eluded her grasps. So in 2006, during a brief hiatus from The Post, she took matters into her own hands and founded Soulful Synergy, LLC.

“I really wanted to get back to my passion of writing,” Soulfull says, comparing the blog to her journals as a child.

As personal as her thoughts were, they had a reach larger than she realized. Soulfull of Thoughts eventually became a go-to publication for her opinions on politics, African American issues and more. America Online (AOL), CBS, Columbia Journalism Review, Wonkette, Washington Post Express, and more have featured her thoughts to help convey an African American woman’s views on life, her family, and the world around her.

“My interests are varied, so I didn’t want my blog to be limited to one area,” she explains. “Soulfull of Thoughts are just my thoughts of the day. Whatever is new or current in pop culture, music, poetry, politics, travel, and whatever I feel the need to speak on.”

With Soulfull of Thoughts going strong and her media career continuing to grow, her next project is a novel edited by Chandra Sparks Taylor, who is known for her work with best-selling author E. Lynn Harris. And with her fan base and writing skills, this is sure to be her best work yet.

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