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Monday's Motivation: Just Be Thankful For What You Got..

Dear Diary,
It's 4:15AM and I can't sleep. Hubby is snoring quite loudly, but I don't even care. Yesterday afternoon, while I was at home putting clean sheets on my sons' beds, hubby was laying on the roof of someone's car. He was riding with the fellas, on their way to get a bite to eat, when a car made an illegal u-turn right in front of his bike. In a matter of seconds, he had to decide between swerving to the right and risk hitting his riding buddy or ride head-on into the driver side door of this car; he took the latter. His bike smashed into the door, while his body went flying into the air, finding rest on the hood of the car.

Back at home, I'm going through spacesavers trying to determine what toys to donate to charity, when I get a call. It's hubby. As soon as I answer, I hear a wailing siren...
"Where are you?" I asked nervously.
"Now calm down...,but ah, I'm in an ambulance..I was in an accident, but I'M O-KAY, so don't panic..."

Ya'll know, I panicked right? I couldn't slide my clothes on or take the rollers out of my hair fast enough (sidebar: I had just attempted to curl my locs, so imagine me running around the house with bright red flexi-rods falling outta my hair). As I'm getting the kids together, I hear loud banging on the door. I flew down the stairs. It was one of his riding buddies telling me how they tried to reach me on the cell, but they had no luck. It was real. He was really hurt. I mean, I knew that when he called, but it still felt surreal. I started crying even more, which made his riding buddy resort to throw up his hands and say 'calm down, calm down, he's just fine, just get your things together and meet us at the hospital'. Okay, Okay, I can do this...

In the end, I managed to drop the kids off at grandma's and drive to the hospital without hurting myself or others. And it turns out Hubby was fine, with all his limbs in tact, though he's back and legs are definitely bruised and sore. All in all, things could be so much worse and as the sun comes up this morning, I'm wrestling between anger (for not wanting him to have a motorcycle in the first place) and happiness (for having a second chance with the love of my life). It's 6:00 now and the I'm still listening to the sounds of his snoring, although this time around, his rumbles are like sweet, sweet music to my ears. I am so very thankful for what I got.

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