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Monday's Motivation: Outta Time

As I'm typing this, it's 11:36PM, and I'm pissed. Time got away so fast and Monday disappeared too quick. Ain't that some shit. Still I need to voice my ambitions for this week and speak on what's motivating me. Funny how the past can spin back around to today and present itself like a present. So if the future's a mystery and the past is history, then this post is outta time and sequence. Excuse me blogosphere if this post makes no sense, but my breakthrough is long overdue.

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Watch Part 1 of Jill Scott's The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Check out this clip of amazing Jill Scott (who’s preggers) in her new HBO mini-series, the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, which hit big with 5.2 million viewers in its BBC premiere Tuesday. The 2-hour HBO premiere is Sunday, March 29th at 8 PM EST. Man, I already got the DVR set for this joint!


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Sunday Evening Reflections: Never Would've Made It

Dear Diary,
I've seriously got a case of ADD. It's 10:35pm and I haven't wrote not one iota of something worthwhile in the newest novel. Instead I got caught up in updating the background photo on my twitter page which took crazy amounts of time. Just sad! And I tell you, no one is more disappointed in me than me. So where does an ADD-having-ice-cream-all-day-eating-tweeting-addict writer such as myself go for rejuvenation? Well, up under hubby's arm, of course, crying the "blank page staring back at me" blues, while feeding him questions like: You think I'm a good writer, right? How come I can't focus? Why can't I think of anything good to write? Shame on technology for putting me in a trance! What's for dinner? Etc, etc, etc. My hubby answers my usual run of the mill questions with words of encouragement, much love, support and turn the damn computer off. He soothes my crybaby writing antics and sends me happily back upstairs to waste more time on twitter. That man gets me. He understands my crazy tendencies and passions so much that he doesn't kick me too hard in the butt for getting off track. And I need that. My men are my support system and when strong and resilient is no longer the motto, all of them are right there with six shoulders for me to lean on. It's like hubby loves my heart back together, my boys reaffirm why I keep on keeping on, and the Lord above is always there to carry me through my mess. Without all of them, I know I wouldn't be able to make it thru!



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Monday's Motivation: Still Smiling

Dear Diary,
Today marks the beginning of the end. No longer can I say that I don't have the drive nor the ambition to go after what I truly want. I finally finished revising the novel and now, the plan is set in motion. I can rest easy. You know, take a load off... So why the hell am I not running up and smacking somebody's mama from sheer excitement? One word... Drama. Okay, wait, two words - mo' drama. I'm up against crazy stressful odds that have me digging deep holes into my soul and planting new ways of thinking. So instead of watching TV after putting the boys to bed, I'm sowing seeds of writing, reading, and tweeting (okay, no side-eye, twitter counts). Tending to my craft allows me to trade today's drama for tomorrow's peace. It's these thoughts of a peaceful future, chock-full of all my dreams becoming reality, that helps keep the tears at bay and a smile in play. And speaking of smiles, my blogging bud, Free, tagged me today. The request? Tell the world 5 things you wanna do before you die and 5 things you're glad to have done already. Wow, Free. Sista, this is exactly the type of motivation I was in need of. So, here goes nothing..

5 Things I Wanna Do Before Dying

1. Be able to buy back the homes that my maternal and paternal grandparents lived in.
2. Visit every single state in the U.S.
3. Publish at least 5 books.
4. Create a legacy of love, tight family bonds, a strong sense of manhood, and even stronger appreciation for women in my two sons.
5. Forgive and seek forgiveness from all the foul shit that may have happened up until my death.

5 Things I'm Glad I've Already Done

1. Secured my family's future, so they will be straight should something happen to me.
2. Spent time with my mother and father together, laughing and talking about their childhood and dating stories. (Still trippin' over the story about my mom's fighting another chick over my father-FUNNY!)
3. Bought a timeshare in Orlando, FL, so I can pass down to my sons the family tradition of yearly vacations.
4. Started recording all of my Dad's old LPs into mp3s.
5. Even through the worst of it all, I kept a smile on my face.

Well, those are my five on five... What's yours?


What this song is saying to me:

Gotta keep proving I'm great
I'm so sick of it all
Gotta keep a smile on my face
Even if I slip and I fall
Gotta have a mask for the pain
If you wanna master the game
I was only after the props
Really I was never after the fame
I was never after the range
Now I'm like a rat in a race
Always trying to catch up the chase
Feeling like I'm trapped in a maze
Never let 'em see me when I'm down
Never let 'em see me with a frown
Even when the game beat me to the ground
I get up and go another round

motivation keep smiling

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