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Seven Days And Counting....

Check out this video DJ John Blaze did for Obama... Man, I can't WAIT to vote....

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Monday's Motivation: Recognizing The Birth Day

Morning world. Not feeling so good today. Like a crazy person, I stayed up extremely late (say 2AM) catching up on my new FAVORITE TV SERIES - TRUE BLOOD! OMG, that show is so slick. But it's quite a coincidence that I would start today off having cramps. Geez, what I way to start the week. At any rate, since I've dragged my ass to work, I suppose I've got to find a way to get this day going - FAST! I need 4:30 to come NOW! I need to get back home and wish my little baby boy HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He turned 4 years old today (MY GOODNESS, WHERE DID THE TIME GO!?) and it's so exciting to see him growing up and becoming mommy's big boy. Yesterday, we took the kids to Chucks (that's Chuck E Cheese for short) and they had a blast. Today, we'll do the cake and ice cream thing all over again and let Little JD finally have has presents.

You know, it's weird how today links up so many things. I mean, four years ago, I was giving birth to my second son and four years later, I'm celebrating his life while in the mist of my womanly menstrual pain. And as I approach NaNoWriMo, I potentially will be on the cusp of another milestone - the birth of my next novel, Officer Down. Yes, indeed, it's a happy birth day, in more ways than one...

The Birth - RZA

What this song is saying to me:

Yeah, you knowwhatimean?
Cuz yo, this right here
Is called knowledge of self
When you apply that to yourself, you know yourself
You understand, yo, it's gonna get your third eye opened
You can see things for what they are, and not what they appear to be....

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I Can't Let This Happen....

Yesterday, I went home early with a serious mind-blowing headache and this morning, the pain is still there. I believe this pain comes from one simple source - my day job. Lately, in my quest to be superwoman, I've allowed this job to consume way too much of my identity and time. It's almost like I've got to remember not to take on too much shit or get involved in the shit of others. Either way, I'm going to have a good day today because I've got to remember what I really want to do in life....

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Monday's Motivation: Just Live Your Life!

Evening world. Monday's come and gone and I'm right back in the place I started from - my bed. I suppose big, creative thoughts seem to live here, right on my pillow and soon I'm going to lay my head and relax, but until then, a bit of motivation is needed to tackle writing an outline for my NaNoWriMo book. That's where T.I.'s new song with Rihanna comes in. Now there's some things I can't resist and that's a high energy song and this joint fits the bill, annoying intro and all.

What this song is saying to me:

What you need to do is be thankful for the life that you got.
You know what I'm sayin'.
Stop lookin' at what you ain't got
and start bein' thankful for what you do got.

Download: T.I. - Live Your Life featuring Rihanna (via The Vibe Source)

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Call Me Crazy, But I'm Going In...

Evening world. Judging from the icon to my right, you probably already guessed what I'm about to do. Yup, next month is National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWrimo, for short) and I'm getting back into the swing of things. Yeah, I know I have a 50,000+ novel that I still haven't finished editing, but what better way to recharge my batteries than to dive into writing another book? You know, I really think it's the pressure that attracts me and with being out of school, it's only logical that I take this turn on the road towards being a published author. All I gotta do is stay focused, which is so much easier to say than do...

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More Photos from Janet's Concert At the Verizon Center

Janet Jackson - Rock Witchu Tour 2008 012
Originally uploaded by Soulfull.

Morning World! It's SATURDAY! YESSS! Well, the technical difficulties are over, ya'll! I've finally uploaded to Flickr, so be sure to come on through and check out the flicks from Janet's Oct. 15th tour date in Washington, DC. Despite the rumors, Janet was in FULL EFFECT and great shape! Peace!

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She's Backkk! Janet Hits The Verizon Center to Rock Witchu!

MORNING WORLD! Lawd have mercy, ya'll! Last night, I found myself front row to the second stage, dancing and singing along to Janet, or Ms. Jackson if ya nasty! Home girl blew the roof off that joint, rocking classics from as way back as 1982's Young Love off her self-titled LP to most recent jams as So Much Betta off of Discipline. My o my, it was really cool to be that close to such a musical legend. Now granted the show didn't start until about 8:45 or so, but shoot, better late than NEVER. LOL! Now had she canceled/rescheduled this tour date as she's done so many others, I definitely could see myself wanting to kick her ass, like a few of the folks that were with me last night. Before the show, folks were chatting it up with their complaints about having to spend more money to come to the DC show or complaining about how screwed up it was for her to have canceled/rescheduled those other shows, but guess what folks, artists are people too and just like you, they call in sick too! But that dag-on damn LL Cool J didn't show up ya'll!! WTF!? I mean, did I miss something?? I'm like what does he have to do other than make crazy Old Spice commercials or hawk clothes through Sears?!? GEEZ! Oh yeah, there was quite a stir when shorty b-bop, Jermaine Dupri, came through the arena to grab a seat and watch the show. Man, folks were having a fit, taking photos and what not. At any rate, the time off must have done Janet good because her entertainment switch was ON as soon as she finally hit the stage to one of her classics, Pleasure Principle. Shoot, I can't remember exactly every song that she did because I got in "the zone" and lost my mind dancing/singing and all those true fans know EXACTLY what that's like - LOL! Now, there were many true fans in attendance last night, but naturally there were SOME folks who thought they were standing up watching TV or something - standing around, looking indifferent. Geez, got on my fucking NERVES! I mean, don't watch me because I make no apologies for wanting to have a good damn time. Besides, who comes to a concert to just look cute!? NOT I! I gets D-O-W-N! LOL! Anyway, my absolute FAVORITE part of the show was watching Janet "torture" this dude she hand-picked from the audience and boy o boy, his facial expressions were TOO FUNNY! But enough of me, check all the videos from last night and from other tour dates. I'm working to get my photos posted on Flickr soon, so look for those later. Peace!

Pleasure Principle (Verizon Center, Washington, DC - Opening Act)

Discipline (Verizon Center, Washington, DC - Janet tortures a lucky man from the audience)

Rhythm Nation (Verizon Center, Washington, DC - she worked the hell outta this joint!)

So Much Betta (from the Vancover show)

So Excited (from the L.A. show)

Escapade/Love Will Never Do (from the Vancouver show)

Again (from the Vancouver show - classic joint!)

Anytime, Anyplace (from the Oakland show - this song is so so damn mellow)

Funny How Time Flies (from the San Diego show - this is MY SONG!! OMG, I almost LOST IT on this one!!!)

Alright (from the Vancouver show)

All For You (from the L.A. show)

The 1982 Medley of Janet's classics (from the Vancouver show)

Black Cat (from the Vancouver show)

Runaway (from the L.A. show - this was the closing act)

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Sunday Morning Reflections: It's Only Love That Gets You Through...

Evening world. Yesterday, I went to this flea market out in Baltimore, MD where I happened to find quite a deal on Kimora Lee Simmons's book Fabulosity: What It Is & How to Get It (You can preview it here). Now, I'm a sucka for self-help books, so getting this book, brand new, for just $5 bucks was a steal. So today, I thumbing through the chapters, when I found Kimora's Grand Aspiration Theory, or G.A.T, which simply means that individuals generally follow this pattern when aspiring to achieve something:

1. High aspirations breeds frustration.
2. Frustration breeds motivation.
3. Motivation pushes you into action - whether you take tiny baby steps or huge strides.
4. Action breeds confidence: you start to feel in control.
5. Confidence is cumulative: Once you start acquiring it, you get more and more of it.
6. Soon enough, you prove yourself that you're a star who can surmount any obstacle and achieve whatever you decide you want to achieve with your life. You're on a roll!

So as I'm digesting this concept, I continue thumbing through the rest of the book, when I realize - you know what, I already have what I need to be fabulous - the love of my entire family and friends. I mean, don't get me wrong, Kimora's book is a good starting point for the young 20ish girl, who's coming into her own, but when you're 29, married with kids and been in the work force for 14+ years, it's hard to see the value in learning that "being average is safe, comfortable, and totally boring". So I closed the book, stuck it on the shelf with all the others, and got back in the bed to relish in the simple fact that - girl, you already fabulously rich, even with nothing.

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Biden Debates, While Palin Smiles And Dances Around The Questions

The Headline Reads: Palin eases the hurt in McCain-land

Boy o boy, yesterday's debate was such a song and dance of sorts, except the only one dancing to their own beat was Palin. I really wanted to jump through the television screen every time she decided that she wanted to talk about something else or turn the conversation back around towards her own agenda. I mean, in all that she spoke about, I still didn't really hear concrete points for the republicans plan of action?! But hey, to be fair, Biden wasn't exactly the winner by a landslide either. My only issue with him was that he really has to work on making his points more concisely, yet I'd have to say, he really had me when he started in on Palin's "Maverick" strategy...

So true, Biden, and speaking of truths, Palin really needs to stop acting like being a "Washington outsider" is some sort of prize. Now, I can appreciate someone who doesn't conform to the status qou, but that doesn't mean you get to come to the table with less than the desirable credentials...

Going up against Democratic running mate Joe Biden, the Alaska governor offered reassurance to Republicans and conservatives unnerved by her lack of national experience and her faltering conduct in two recent TV network interviews.

She winked and smiled and shrugged through a litany of grievances against Obama on taxes, the war in Iraq and energy. She jotted down notes, glancing at them from behind her lectern as she checked off the points of her replies. And she made a case to the middle class, offering a populist answer to the cause of the current housing crisis.

"Darn right it was the predator lenders, who tried to talk Americans into thinking that it was smart to buy a $300,000 house if we could only afford a $100,000 house," she said.

Whoa, what an answer, Palin?! Like duh, but what is your party's plan to fix this mess!?! Shoot, she really had me cracking up when she referred to middle America as the Hockey Moms and Joe Six Packs - WTF! Gosh, she's just a little bit too... too... too programmed for my taste. It's almost like in her attempts to be a "regular Joe", she forgets that she's vying for the second most important job in our government. *Sigh*

If anyone missed it, you can watch the full debate below... Peace!

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A File From The Crazy Photos Department - NFSW

Happy Friday, ya'll!!! So Halloween is on its' way and naturally, October's the time that I start to receive all kinds of foolery in my email box. Check out this crazy photo of someone dressing up in a RETIRED HOOTERS GIRL costume - HUH-LARIOUS!

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Chaos and Confusion

Morning world! So I'm sitting here in my office thinking about what it is I want to accomplish by blogging again?? Or maybe should I say, what is holding me back from wanting to blog the way I truly want to??? I don't know, but I'm starting to think that the only way this blog can be helpful to me is if I made it a private blog. But then, I think, well shit, what's the point in that, when I've shared so much of myself online as it is..... Hmmm, I don't know, but I suppose, I'll get it all this chaos and confusion together soon. Speaking of chaos, Palin set to hit the stage tonight against Biden, and truthfully, I really can't wait to see this! I mean, Palin, is so fricking annoying with that damn voice of hers, but combined with her delivery and all them coordinated hand movements, I swear, she's so orchestrated, it's ridiculous. Well, that's enough crazy rambling from me now.. Peace.

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The Cleansing Begins...

Good morning world. Today's the first day of October 2008 and this is the first step to getting back into the blogging world. Ain't making no promises, but I'm gonna be committed about this thing and make it a point to write at least once a day, even if its about nothing at all. Because for real, I'm losing my writing voice, at least I think, and the ills of the world are holding my hands behind my back, preventing me from getting these fingers back onto "the keys". So what's going on in my world today? Well, as I mentioned in my last post, I just paid off my car (9/5/08) and would you believe that bitch went and died on me (9/18/08)!!?!?! WTF! You see, it just never fails as soon as you pay a damn car off, it always dies on you. Luckily though, a sisters credit was on point due to the fact that hubby and I are looking to purchase another home (but with the current state of the housing market in our area, I don't know if we're gonna make that leap yet), so I went over to Carmax and purchased Black Beauty...

With 36K miles and a 5yr/96K warranty, she's $111 bucks less of a car note than what I was paying before, she lowered my auto insurance by about $30 bucks and you know, I'm just really hoping she won't die on me no time soon and so far so good. I mean, as expected, she can eat up some gas, but I don't really drive that much anyway. So we'll see how it goes... I really want to get personalized plates that read something like creative, but considering where I'm trying to go, I doubt that would be a good idea. Hmmm, what else is going on? A lot of stuff is going on at "the day job", but considering this is an open forum, I doubt I can divulge into all that drama. But you know, since being a way from the "blog world", I've built up a little apprehension about sharing my life and views on things, but I'm hoping that will subside soon. What I do know is this - this blog and all my blogs still have the same agenda - to be a place of release and creative expression for me as I continue towards living this life. Well, that's it for now.. I'll be back on the scene later. Peace.

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