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A Celebration of the Life of Dr. Donda C. West

I obtained a copy of Dr. Donda C. West's funeral program. Please click below to view the entire program. Dr. West surely will be missed...


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The Tom Joyner Foundation Full Ride Scholarship

Do you know any high school seniors that will graduate by May 2008, and would like to attend a Historically Black College or University? The Tom Joyner Foundation is offering "full ride" scholarships for graduating high school seniors. Deadline for Applications is January 18, 2008. Click here to apply!

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Redskins' Sean Taylor Dies

The Headline Reads: NFL's Sean Taylor dies of gunshot wound (CNN)

Sickening. This entire situation is just sickening. Yet again, this hood mentality that seems to follow our black celebrities and sports figures has taken another life, just as it was beginning. There are so many news reports speculating that this was not a burglary, but premeditated murder due to some ongoing beef. One of my girlfriends told me this morning that Redskins' Radio was reporting that someone left a knife on Sean's bed the previous day before he was shot and that the assailants also cut the phone lines after entering the house. Wow. To me, something just doesn't seem right...

Taylor, the fifth overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft following an All-American season at the University of Miami, was shot early Monday in the upper leg, damaging the key femoral artery and causing significant blood loss.

"According to a preliminary investigation, it appears that the victim was shot inside the home by an intruder," Miami-Dade County police said in a statement. "We do not have a subject description at this time."

But police were still investigating the attack, which came just eight days after an intruder was reported at Taylor's home. Officers were sent to the home about 1:45 a.m. Monday after Taylor's girlfriend called 911.

Sharpstein said Taylor's girlfriend told him the couple was awakened by loud noises, and Taylor grabbed a machete he keeps in the bedroom for protection. Someone then broke through the bedroom door and fired two shots, one missing and one hitting Taylor, Sharpstein said. Taylor's 1-year-old daughter, Jackie, was also in the house, but neither she nor Taylor's girlfriend were injured.

Police found signs of forced entry, but have not determined if they were caused Monday, or the previous burglary.

The shooting happened in the pale yellow house he bought two years ago. Eight days before the attack someone pried open a front window, rifled through drawers and left a kitchen knife on a bed at Taylor's home, according to police.

"They're really sifting through that incident and today's incident," Miami-Dade Detective Mario Rachid said, "to see if there's any correlation."

Taylor's death comes nearly a year after Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed in a drive-by shooting following an argument at a Denver nightclub on Jan. 1. University of Miami defensive lineman Bryan Pata was shot to death in November 2006 several miles from Taylor's home in an unsolved killing.

Taylor starred as a running back and defensive back at Gulliver Prep in Miami. His father, Pedro Taylor, is police chief of Florida City. [Source]

My goodness. I didn't know his dad was a cop and a police chief, no less. Wow, my heart really goes out to his entire family. Man, a mother and father without their son. A daughter without her father. And a team loses one of the hardest hitters in the league...

"It's hard to expect a man to grow up overnight," said teammate and close friend Clinton Portis, who played with Taylor at Miami. "But ever since he had his child, it was like a new Sean, and everybody around here knew it. He was always smiling, always happy, always talking about his child."

On the field, Taylor's play was often erratic. Assistant coach Gregg Williams frequently called Taylor the best athlete he'd ever coached, but nearly every big play was mitigated by a blown assignment. Taylor led the NFL in missed tackles in 2006 yet made the Pro Bowl because of his reputation as one of the hardest hitters in the league.

This year, however, Taylor was allowed to play a true free safety position, using his speed and power to chase down passes and crush would-be receivers. His five interceptions tie for the league lead in the NFC, even though he missed the last two games because of a sprained knee.

"I just take this job very seriously," Taylor said in a rare group interview during training camp. "It's almost like, you play a kid's game for a king's ransom. And if you don't take it serious enough, eventually one day you're going to say, 'Oh, I could have done this, I could have done that.'

"So I just say, 'I'm healthy right now, I'm going into my fourth year, and why not do the best that I can?' And that's whatever it is, whether it's eating right or training myself right, whether it's studying harder, whatever I can do to better myself."

His hard work was well-noted.

"He loved football. He felt like that's what he was made to do," Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. "And I think what I've noticed over the last year and a half ... is he matured. I think his baby had a huge impact on him. There was a real growing up in his life." [Source]

Rest in Peace Sean.

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R. Kelly's Double Up Tour Hits Washington DC

Last night, Mr. Robert "I-Put-The-R-In-R&B" Kelly made his way to Washington, DC for his Double Up Tour and as much as I really wanted to hate his guts for his latest divo tantrums, Kelz did an excellent job of entertaining the crowd. But hey, don't just take my word for it, check out my photos here (you gotta see the one I took of his three kids) and videos. I've also included footage from other venues to round out the fun night I had. Shoot, I couldn't record everything, I was way too busy dancing and singing...

R. Kelly - The Champ Is Here (Intro)

r kelly - make it rain/im a flirt (live nassau coliseum)

r kelly - im in love with a stripper/go getta (live)

R. Kelly - Lonely Tongue Skit

R. Kelly - Promise (Remix)

R. Kelly - Down Low (Remix)

r kelly - ignition

R. Kelly freestyle at nassau coliseum

R. Kelly - Freestyle Part 2 at nassau coliseum

R. Kelly - Happy People

R. Kelly Dou - Double Up Tour Finale (live at nassau coliseum)

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Breaking News: Redskins' Sean Taylor Shot During Burglary at His Florida Home

The Headline Reads: Redskins Taylor in Critical Condition After Shooting
Update 11/26/07 12:11PM: CNN has provided video of this story here
Update 11/27/07 10:11AM: Redskins' Sean Taylor Dies

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BET'S Hell Date - Have You Seen This?

I tell you, this show is so freakin funny!!!!!!! You can watch more episodes of Hell Date here

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20 Questions - 20 Links

I'm laying her in the bed, typing with my eyes, half open, tired from a long day at the office that literally ended 15 mins ago, but as I'm looking at the new issue of Vibe, I decided to come up with my own version of their popular 20 Questions. Here's the random questions I came up with (in no particular order):

1. For the December issue of Vibe, why do Keyshia Cole's boobs look a lot smaller in her hands?

2. Why do people continue to read MediaFakeOut when they know they are known for reporting false stories? Remember this?

3. Why does Bush continue to spend more and more money in Iraq yet vetoes a $606 billion dollar bill that would have went to improving education, healthcare, and worker protections? God help us.

4. Since when did BET care about Darfur or the homeless?

5. Project Runway premiered tonight and seriously, does anyone really walk away from this show to become a true fashion icon?

6. How the hell did Dr. Jan Adams fool Oprah, Discovery Health, and NBC? Doesn't anyone do THOROUGH background checks anymore!?

7. In this day and age, what sense does it make for the Federal Government to spend upwards of $1 billion over the last decade on abstinence-only sex education?

8. Wanna watch Jay-Z's sold out American Gangster tour stop at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom online, for FREE?

9. Okay, so what's your real age?

10. Who in the world is responsible for the above average bootleg of American Gangster?

11. VH-1 Soul presented the Vibe Awards tonight, but what the hell happened to the show?

12. According to Dr. Oz, how often should you have sex?

13. Am I the only one who needs to work on their time management skills?

14. You mean to tell me that there are women who don't know these very basic rules?

15. How does a FBI/CIA agent commit naturalization fraud?

16. Did Celine Dion even have a chance against Alicia Keys?

17. Seriously, is Darius "Eddie Winslow" McCrary in the least bit surprised by the actions of his ex-fiancee Karrine Steffans? I mean, look what she did to Tigger?

18. Anyone addicted to Starbuck's new holiday drinks? Well, watch out because Micky D's wants your money too.

19. I know why black bloggers are upset with Michael Baisden, but more importantly why are black bloggers upset with one another?

20. Speaking of Baisden, why does he feel it necessary to create yet another Jena 6 fund, especially when Color of Change is doing such a great job? Doesn't he know united we stand, divided we fall?

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NY Mag's Classless Blog Post on Dr. Donda West

NY Mag's Classless Blog Post on Dr. Donda West
Originally uploaded by Soulfull.

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Dr. Donda West, 58, Dies

The Headline Reads: Kanye West's mother dies after 'cosmetic procedure' (CNN)

So this morning, I'm making my rounds on a few social networking sites and I spy all these usernames that read RIP Donda West. I'm like, what the hell? I know folks like to be all creative and such, but why RIP Donda West? What's up with that? Dr. Donda West hasn't passed! I'm in total denial as I jet over to CNN to get down to the bottom of this confusion, but then I find it - Kanye West's mother dies after 'cosmetic procedure'.(Insert gasp here) Oh snap, it's true. Damn. Damn. Damn. What a shock and so so unexpected. I can't even begin to imagine what Kanye and the entire West family is feeling. How could this have happened? And what kind of cosmetic procedure was this? For real, I know it doesn't even matter now, but out of anger and sadness, I can't help but to wonder if this could've been prevented. It's so weird, but right now my mind thinks back to Norman Mailer, who also passed away on Saturday, and I remember how Talib Kweli's "Get By" references Mailer, and how this awesome song was produced by none other than Dr. West's son, Kanye. Damn, it's such a sad coincidence, but Gerald Levert also passed a year ago Saturday. Damn. My mind also wanders back to reading Butta's friendly chat with Dr. West over here and how now this chat could quite possibly be her last interview alive. Wow, just that fast. In the blink of an eye, things can change just that damn fast...

The mother of hip-hop mogul Kanye West died following a "cosmetic procedure" in Los Angeles this weekend, her publicist told CNN Monday.

But Patricia Green, the publicist for Dr. Donda West, did not give details about the procedure or exactly what the cause of death was.

West died Saturday at the age of 58, confirmed a representative of West's record label, Island Def Jam, who added that "the family respectfully asks for privacy during this time of grief."

Donda West was a major influence on her son's life, as the music producer-singer-songwriter has often acknowledged.

She was the inspiration for the song, "Hey Mama," on Kanye West's 2005 album "Late Registration." Among the lyrics: "Hey Mama, I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz I'm so proud of you ... I appreciate what you allowed for me. I just want you to be proud of me."

Earlier this year, she released a book she co-authored called "Raising Kanye: Life Lessons From the Mother of a Hip-Hop Superstar."

West retired from her post as professor and chair of the English Department at Chicago State University in 2004 to become her son's manager, according to the Kanye West Foundation Web site.

Kanye West's writing partner Rhymefest lamented Donda West's death Sunday in an appearance on Chicago radio station WCGI, the AP reported.

"She was everyone's mom," Rhymefest said. "A spirit never dies, a spirit lasts forever."

Well said, Rhymefest, well said. Rest In Peace, Dr. Donda West.

Watch Donda West talk about "Raising Kanye" here

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I paint a picture with the pen like Norman Mailer...

The Headline Reads: Norman Mailer, Towering Writer With Matching Ego, Is Dead (NYT)

The title of this blog post comes from one of my favorite motivational songs and it references a great writer, Norman Mailer, who passed away from acute renal failure at Mount Sinai Hospital early this morning.

Mr. Mailer belonged to the old literary school that regarded novel writing as a heroic enterprise undertaken by heroic characters with egos to match. He was the most transparently ambitious writer of his era, seeing himself in competition not just with his contemporaries but with the likes of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky.

He was also the least shy and risk-averse of writers. He eagerly sought public attention, and publicity inevitably followed him on the few occasions when he tried to avoid it. His big ears, barrel chest, striking blue eyes and helmet of seemingly electrified hair — jet black at first and ultimately snow white — made him instantly recognizable, a celebrity long before most authors were lured out into the limelight.

At different points in his life Mr. Mailer was a prodigious drinker and drug taker, a womanizer, a devoted family man, a would-be politician who ran for mayor of New York, a hipster existentialist, an antiwar protester, an opponent of women’s liberation and an all-purpose feuder and short-fused brawler, who with the slightest provocation would happily engage in head-butting, arm-wrestling and random punch-throwing. Boxing obsessed him and inspired some of his best writing. Any time he met a critic or a reviewer, even a friendly one, he would put up his fists and drop into a crouch.

Man, I tell you, some of the best writers have personal lives/habits that are quite quirky or downright bizarre and Mailer was no exception... LOL! Well, rest in peace, Mr. Mailer. You've definitely left a literary legacy that encourages every writer to remain true to themselves.

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