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"Hot Ghetto Mess" Was Just That - A Hot Mess...

I’ve purposely stayed away from all the hoopla surrounding Hot Ghetto Mess/We Got To Do Better until I was able to see the show and judge for myself. I don't subscribe to forming opinions (served by others) until I have all the facts. Well, that moment has come and gone. Now I can draw my own conclusions and frankly, HGM/WGTDB has proven one thing - BET has no clue what entertaining television is. That show was BORING!!! I hated how the show started off with a clip I saw on C&D LAST YEAR and it was pretty much downhill from there. Basically, I only laughed once at the scene from America's Voice! That's it. There was nothing funny about those reject clips. There was nothing entertaining about those "street walkin" segments, where an unknown host stops folks on the street and asks random questions like "How many blacks are on the Supreme Court?" or "What does the NAACP stand for?". Granted, more folks should have known the answers (1 - Clarence Thomas and 2 - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), but seriously, would any of the BET execs have know these answers either? Would the same people who were behind this show be able to quote the exact day slavery ended? I seriously doubt it. Why? Because they're too busy being condescending hypocrites with this foolery they call a network! Idiots who couldn't even spell SPONSOR right in their own fricking show! Yea, I chop up words too, but damn, was that misspelling on purpose? Yet another "test" to see if viewers can read AND spell? Whatever, I find it more beneficial to remember your own history BET. To take a step back and question how you are going to pull yourself out of the programming rut you’ve been in for years. Have you forgotten the words that came out of the mouth of the co-creator of Black Entertainment Television in November 2003:

Coincidentally, I was cleaning the basement and found an old Washingtonian magazine and in it was an article covering Shelia Johnson, the ex-wife of BET founder, Robert Johnson. In this article, Shelia’s quoted with saying this about the channel she helped create, “Turn down the sound and its soft-core pornography”.

So please, get over yourselves because the real “mess” is your first grade production, bootleg sound system (I mean, WHY is it that most of the commercials on BET are louder than their actual shows?!), and tired reruns, all of which are the calling card for your channel. Wait. Oh my bad, except for 106 & Park which saw major improvements to its overall production last week. No doubt an attempt to keep up with MTV’s TRL. For real, maybe I shouldn’t even be mad at BET? Maybe the attention should be on their parent, Viacom, because I’ve yet to understand why they allow BET to continue to look and behave like the bastard child of the company? SMH. We got to do better? You damn right you do, BET. Is this how you decided to waste spend the money that was given to the network back in March? And for the last time, WHERE ARE THE BLACK SITCOMS!?!!! Watching some idiot blow up a condom on his head is not my ideal comedic situation. But whatever. It’s only entertainment, right? If others choose to watch, then kudos to them, but for me no thanks, I’ll pass. Shoot, now that the hoopla is over, I’m curious to see what the ratings will be going forward? SMH.

You can check out another review of that tired (soon to be canceled) show here. I especially laughed my head off at this part:

Perhaps the creators of "We Got to Do Better," which is based on the Web site, were leery of being another example of offensive BET programming: The show hardly had any examples of the outrageous behavior the Web site deems "ghetto". There were no images of pimp-my-ride coffins, 5-foot-high lacquered hairdos, infants posing with 40-ounce bottles of beer, or pink-spandex outfits on a Mo'Nique-sized frame.

Instead, the show offered lame video clips that circulated on sites like YouTube months ago, and commercials that wouldn't pass the cable-access test. To make clear the show wasn't trying to pick on black folk, there were also plenty of white faces, as in a clip of a redneck Olympics-style event.

The show was racially balanced - and equally unfunny - on all levels.

"We Got To Do Better" also attempted to show it had a redeeming aspect by asking history questions to mainly uninformed people on the street ("How many blacks are on the Supreme Court?"). But "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" does it better - and on that show, it's funny.

Totally agree with this assessment and for the record, I had no problem with the concept of the show, but if you're gonna do it, be 100% committed to it and at least, be funny! Oh whatever, I'm just glad the hoopla is OVER!

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Free Sample of Mariah Carey's New Fragance, M

Not everyone likes Mariah Carey like I do, but who doesn't like free samples...

Mariah's Fragrance is Now Online & Available for Pre-order

Mariah wanted her fans to be the first to experience her debut fragrance, M by Mariah Carey, before it hits stores in August. M by Mariah Carey opens with an indulgent, creamy accord and blooms into an opulent floral heart as a rich base reveals darker, sensual facets.

" The inspiration for this fragrance was Mariah's magical presence and artistry. By combining two very contrasted notes, an exotic Tahitian Tiare flower with a deliciously warm marshmallow, we wanted to express Mariah's utmost femininity and undeniable sensuality in one strong statement. We then incorporated other facets, such as a Moroccan Incense Amber accord, to bring an element of mystery that lingers on skin. This harmonious balance of Mariah's favorite scents and memories is at the heart of this creation." - Carlos Benaim & Loc Dong

Hmmm, marshmallows and Tiare flowers? I'm curious to smell this. Aren't you? Click here to receive your free sample!

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Does Size Really Matter?

Happy Friday, folks. Who needs a laugh? I know I do and this video below sure did the trick! Check out the reactions of these ladies as they become test subjects in the age old survey - Does the size of a man's penis matter? Judging from their reactions, I'd have to say it's a resounding YES! Man, this video had me DYING from laughter. Enjoy!

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Chrisette Michele's I Am

I'm not even going to waste your time with this album review. Simply, this album is by far the best I've heard since Robin Thicke. I can really groove along to every song without skipping around, but rather than listen to me gush about how great this joint is, check out the full album below and judge for yourself!

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Teens Charged With Gang-Rape; Mother & Son Injured

I'm extremely sadden and angered by this news report coming out of Florida. What the hell is going on with our children?
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Two teenagers have been arrested on charges that they gang-raped a mother and forced her to have sex with her 12-year-old son, WPBF-TV reported.

Authorities said Avion Lawson, 14, and Nathan Walker, 16, are being charged as adults with armed sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, sexual performance by a child, armed home invasion and aggravated battery.

Lawson was arrested Tuesday after police said they matched DNA evidence found on a condom in the victims' home to the teen.

Walker was taken into custody Thursday after police said they found the teen's left palm print inside the victims' apartment.

Both teens are being held in the Palm Beach County Jail without bail.

Authorities said the boys were among a group of about 10 suspects who forced their way into the woman's Dunbar Village, Fla., home on the night of June 18.

According to police reports, a young man tricked the victim into opening the door of her home after he told her that the tires on his vehicle were flat.

Police said the woman and her son were then ambushed by three masked teens carrying weapons, who pushed the two back into the home.

Investigators said seven other teens entered the home and demanded money while separating the two victims into different bedrooms.

According to police reports, the mother was then raped and beaten by all 10 teens.

Police said a plate was smashed over the head of the woman's preteen son and numerous household liquids poured into his eyes. Investigators said the boy was also forced at gunpoint to participate in the sexual assault.

The invaders eventually fled the scene after more than 20 minutes inside of the victim's home, police told WPBF-TV.

Following the attack, police said the woman and her son walked a mile to the hospital.

Police told WPBF-TV they are still searching for as many as eight more invaders in the case, all of whom they said they believe to be between 14 and 18 years old.

Someone knows who these other eight teens are! Somebody down there needs to come forward and turn them in. Screw all that nonsense about "not snitching"! If this was your mother, you would want to have these kids arrested! Folks really need to stop adhering to the "code of the streets" and start thinking about what's right! How would you feel if this had been your family member? Your sister? Your cousin? My goodness. I'm glad these two are being charged as adults! At 14 and 16 years old, you should damn well know better than to do something like this to anybody! Man, I am HOT!

Update: July 11, 2007 at 1:30PM -

The Headline Reads: At Fla. housing project, rape just another crime
Ghastly attack on mother, son puts spotlight on lawless Dunbar Village

MSNBC is reporting that the area where this crime happened is known for being 'lawless'...

“So a lady was raped. Big deal,” resident Paticiea Matlock said with disgust. “There’s too much other crime happening here.”

Built in 1940 to house poor blacks in then-segregated West Palm Beach, Dunbar Village’s 226 units sit just blocks from million-dollar condos on the Intracoastal Waterway. Billionaires lounge on beachfront property just a few miles away on Palm Beach.

The public housing project’s one- and two-story barracks-style buildings are spread across 17 grassy, tree-lined acres surrounded by an 8-foot iron fence. The average rent is about $150 a month.

Almost 60 percent of the households in the area that includes Dunbar Village were below the poverty level in 2000, according to Census figures. Only 19 percent of the area’s residents had high school degrees. About 9 percent of the adults were unemployed, nearly triple the state average.Teenagers with gold-plated teeth wander the streets. Drug dealers hang out on nearby sidewalks. Trash bin lids are open. Flies hover over dirty diapers. Clothes dry on sagging lines.

In the year leading up to the rape, police were called to Dunbar Village 717 times, or almost twice a day.

Since the June 18 attack, police have increased patrols in the area, blocked off one entrance and will soon install surveillance cameras.

“It took this to make that happen?” Matlock, a 32-year-old single mother of three, snarled.

As in other blighted neighborhoods across the country where criminals seem to have free rein, residents here live in fear. Snitches get stitches, they say. Or worse.

“I try to be in my house no later than 7, and I don’t come out,” said Citoya Greenwood, 33, who lives in Dunbar with her 4-year-old daughter. “I don’t even answer my door anymore.” On the Fourth of July, “we didn’t know if we was hearing gunshots or fireworks.”

Gunshots or fireworks? That's the reality for a lot of people in this country, but is that an excuse to act a damn fool? Lord, have mercy. I am just tired and it is unfortunate that it took this type of event to make the local officials realize that this area needs help! But will this be a permanent fix or a band-aid? Wow. At any rate, a fund has been established for the victims in this case.
Anyone wishing to help can visit any Wachovia Bank branch and donate to the fund. Donations will go directly to the mother and son.

I also found out that checks can be mailed here, but I don't know how legitimate this address is:

Dunbar Victims Assistance Fund
c/o St. Ann's Catholic Church
310 North Olive Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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I Might Need To Change My Major...

The Headline Reads: Graduating With a CP-Yay
Firms Lavish Accounting Majors With Trips, Parties and Offers

Judging from the lavish perks that these Accounting graduates are receiving, I might have to rethink this B.S. in Information Technology, LOL... Who doesn't like a perk, every now and then?

In the Washington region, workers providing financial and business services make up the largest professional talent pool, outnumbering legal and information technology workers by nearly 3 to 1, according to a recent Greater Washington Board of Trade report, sponsored in part by The Washington Post Co.

But area universities are not churning out enough graduates to keep pace with the growing demand. According to the report, about 1,060 local students graduated with a bachelor's or master's degree in accounting in 2005, leaving about 700 jobs in the region unfilled. The same year, the Washington area had 1,240 openings for employees with an associate's degree in accounting, yet local community colleges graduated only 100 people with the skills. Accountants and management analysts make up half of the 58,000 business and financial workers the region will need to hire over the next seven years.

As a result, recruiters often use extravagant perks to lure students into the field -- and into their companies. Last semester, PricewaterhouseCoopers threw a beach party on the University of Maryland's College Park lawn, giving away embroidered lawn chairs, beach balls with logos and $3,000 spring-break trips. Ernst & Young threw an ice cream social, and KPMG held a lavish party at a Ruth's Chris Steak House in downtown Washington for new recruits and their professors. On the first day of the fall semester, Deloitte & Touche plans to be on campus to welcome the new class of students.

In the Washington region, entry-level salaries have risen 10 to 20 percent a year for the past four years, to amounts 130 percent above what is available elsewhere in the country, said John Owen, regional vice president of Robert Half International, a staffing firm. An entry level salary typically is $58,000 to $70,000 a year; people with master's degrees generally start in the range of $63,000 to $80,000.

Last fall, days after starting his senior year at Maryland, Mark Kaufman, 22, of Silver Spring got eight job offers. He decided on a position at Beers & Cutler, an accounting and consulting firm in Vienna where he had interned the previous summer. In addition to a $5,000 signing bonus, the firm is paying part of his tuition for graduate school, which he will start in the fall. (Many states, including Maryland and Virginia, require a fifth year of school or a graduate degree before students are eligible to become certified public accountants.)

"When I was a freshman, all the seniors told me how great the market was for accountants," said Kaufman, who graduated in May.

Well, I graduate in June 2008, so what's the likelihood that there will be a demand for more I.T. professionals? Hmmmmm, I wonder... Either way, I have no desire to continue to crunch numbers for the rest of my life. Shoot, I did that and it grew old real fast.

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Monday's Motivation: I Won't Complain

Yeah, I know today isn't Monday, but I really need to get something off my chest right quick. I haven't done a post like this in ages..

True analytical insight comes from the ability to think ahead and examine all the possibilities. Some have this ability, others don't. Lately I've found myself around the latter group. Those folks who expect the answers to fall into their lap. Those who, rather than use their own brains to seek out the right resource, would turn their lack of knowledge into a moment to prove fault in the very thing they know nothing about. Yeah, I know I can go into bitch mode too, but I never want to turn into one of those people who automatically choose to swirl completely out of control. I don't want to be one of those quick-tempered idiots. Anger has it's time and place. Frustration is healthy and a very necessary feeling to experience in life, but take that energy and channel it towards FIXING the problem. That's like standing in front of a door, pounding and wailing for someone to open it, and you so busy being mad that you don't realize that the damn door is unlocked! I just don't get it. Why do I keep attracting these types of people in my life? So full of unnecessary drama and foolishness? Whatever. It's all good though because I know what I want to do with my life so I can not worry too much about it and I won't complain anymore today. Instead, I know I'm gonna do something about it because the time is approaching. Slowly, but surely, I know I'm gonna have to have a few heart-to-heart conversations.

What this song is saying to me:

I've had some good days
I've had some hills to climb
I've had some weary days
And some sleepless nights

But when I look around
And I think things over
All of my good days
Outweigh my bad days
I won't complain

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At This Local Spa, More Than Hair Cuts On The Menu

The Headline Reads: Troubled Waters At the Salon Spa

Ripped underwear? Demands for oral sex? Forced intercourse? Who would have thought all of this could be going on in such an elite and high-end salon right up the street from me?! I doubt any of this foolery would've happened if Elizabeth Arden's spa was there...

For a decade, Andre Chreky's boutique has been atop the particular trade that is the high-end hair salon industry in the nation's capital.

The charismatic native of Morocco has been stylist to Laura Bush (as well as the twins). Washingtonian magazine noted that Chreky was "far and away Washington's most popular stylist," naming the salon as tops in the city as early as 1998. This year, the salon is still ranked as the magazine's choice for "the busy executive."

Which makes the sexual harassment lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court in the past nine months by two former stylists against the 52-year-old Chreky all the more stunning. Chreky denies the allegations in his court responses, saying these are bitter ex-employees attempting to wreck his reputation. One of them, he says, is retaliating for a lawsuit he previously filed against her.

These are not just allegations of a wayward touch or a leering remark, but of graphically detailed physical attacks, backroom groping and years of sexual crudities and financial reprisals when those advances were rejected. They are supported by 16 sworn affidavits gathered by the plaintiffs from former employees, nine of whom say they witnessed Chreky inappropriately touch plaintiffs Ronnie Barrett or Jennifer Thong. Three witnesses say they, too, were sexually approached or inappropriately touched by Chreky.

Thong's lawsuit alleges a 2005 incident in Chreky's office:

"Mr. Chreky got up and slammed the door, pushed her over and got on top of her. Plaintiff began to cry and yelled for him to let her go. He grabbed her skirt, tore it . . . Mr. Chreky unzipped his pants" and attempted to force intercourse.

In a separate 2005 incident, Thong's suit says that Chreky accosted her in the salon's kitchen and ripped her underwear off with such force that it bruised her. In 2004, he gave her a ride home, the lawsuit says, but stopped the car and "rolled on top of her. Mr. Chreky lifted her skirt, grabbed her underwear, pulled it to the side . . . and grabbed her genitals."

The lawsuit by former stylist Barrett, a longtime employee of Chreky's, recounts a February 2004 incident that she says took place in his fifth-floor office: "Mr. Chreky jumped up and grabbed her below the neck and shoulder blades and forcefully shoved her back into the chair" and demanded oral sex.

Okay. Call me a fricking ass for what I am about to say, but with a last name like THONG, I swear, I don't know how any man could keep his cool at work. LOL! Seriously though, this guy is the classic example of a chauvinistic pig, using his power to make women succumb to his will. I know one thing, I wouldn't have waited until now to nail his ass to the wall. You can believe that.

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Iverson Sued Over D.C. Brawl

The Headline Reads: Iverson calls lawsuit a get-rich-quick scheme

"I think I'm here because I worked hard all my life to get where I'm at and they want to get rich overnight,'' Iverson said.

I agree with Iverson. He shouldn't have to empty his pockets because of his overzealous bodyguards. If anything, these two men need to sue his bodyguard directly. But wait, that wouldn't get them any money, now would it? Nonetheless, Iverson needs to keep his behind out of the clubs if he isn't trying to give folks a reason to sue him.

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Caption This: President Putin & President Bush

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The Headline Reads: Bush Commutes Libby's Prison Sentence

This is just another example of why Bush is in a world of his own with NO CONCEPT of right and wrong. I guess watching Paris go through her own jailbird drama inspired him to spare Libby the same trouble.

President Bush commuted the sentence of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby yesterday, sparing Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff 2 1/2 years in prison after a federal appeals court had refused to let Libby remain free while he appeals his conviction for lying to federal investigators.

Bush, who for months had sidestepped calls from conservatives to come to Libby's aid, broke his silence early yesterday evening, touching off an immediate uproar from Democrats who accused the White House of circumventing the rule of law to protect one of its own.

The president announced his decision in a written statement that laid out the factors he had weighed. Bush said he decided to "respect" the jury's verdict that Libby was guilty of four felonies for lying about his role in the leak of a covert CIA officer's identity. But the president said Libby's "exceptional public service" and prior lack of a criminal record led him to conclude that the 30-month sentence handed down by a judge last month was "excessive."

What the hell is wrong with this dude? Of course his sentence was "excessive"! That's the point of a sentence, you moron, it's meant to punish and deter others from doing the same crap! UGH! This is extremely frustrating to witness because, here again, our society creates exceptions for those who are undeserving of such, but because they've kissed the right asses, they get a pass!

At a time when his popularity is as low as any president's in modern history, Bush's action also defied public opinion. Shortly after Libby was convicted in March, three national public opinion polls found that seven in 10 Americans said they would oppose a pardon of Libby.

Still, the president appeared to calculate that he would antagonize his conservative base too severely if he did not provide Libby some form of reprieve, according to people close to the White House.

Antagonize his conservative base? Antagonize his conservative base? ANTAGONIZE HIS CONSERVATIVE BASE! Is that what we need to be worrying about?! I mean, DAMN! Oh yeah, and Fred, needs to take his behind back to Law & Order, because the foolery that I've seen and heard from him lately is just ridiculous.

Former senator Fred D. Thompson (Tenn.), an unannounced presidential candidate who has helped lead Libby's defense fund and called for Bush to pardon Libby, said: "This will allow a good American who has done a lot for his country to resume his life."

Yeah Fred, I'm sure every criminal wishes they could just resume their normal life. Geez, I have no idea who I am going to vote for in 2008, but all of these candidates are leaving much to be desired! All I know, is IT IS TIME FOR BUSH TO GO!

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