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Luvanmusiq: The Bonus Tracks

After my album review of Luvanmusiq, I got a few inquiring emails on whether or not I heard the bonus tracks. Well, I bought my CD from Amazon and the bonus/exclusive tracks are featured only on CDs from Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, and iTunes. Either way, I find the marketing of these 4 different CDs to be quite asinine and unfair to the music lover, but hell, that's record companies for ya. Luckily enough, I found all the tracks and to be brief, I liked all the songs except slowdown, which seemed like a poor attempt at some type of R. Kelly story/song. Enjoy! (And as soon as I find it, I will post the full version of Musiq's remake of Smokey Robinson's Ooo Baby Baby.)

1. Allaboutyou (Best Buy Bonus Track)

2. Ridethrough (Best Buy Bonus Track)

3. Slowdown (Best Buy Bonus Track)

4. Rewind (Album Bonus Track)

5. Ooo Baby Baby (Circuit City Bonus Track)(30sec sample)

6. B.U.D.D.Y (Remix featuring Ja Rule and Fat Joe) (Album Bonus Track

7. Movin' On (Exclusive Track for AOL Black Voices Only - Will not be available anywhere else)

Update: Here are some tracks that didn't make the album...

1. The Only One (produced by Tim and Bob)

2. When I'm With You

UPDATE 4/2/07 11:36AM:

Musiq responds to the controversy over the multiple versions of Luvanmusiq on his Myspace blog. Check it out here.

UPDATE 6/1/07 8:29AM:

You can check out Musiq's remake of Smokey Robinson's Ooo Baby Baby here. For the record, I think it's okay, but nothing tops the original!

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