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REUTERS/Euan Denholm The Headline Reads: Sudanese government accepts Darfur peace deal

I can only hope that this will truly begin a new era of peace in a country that has seen so much loss and pain....

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This post is long overdue, but between all the running noses in this house and Nyquil blackouts, I haven't really been able to type for too long. At any rate, I've made my contribution to tomorrow's efforts and I want to encourage anyone who reads this to do the same by going here.

The rallies, scheduled to take place in 18 cities, would be the largest public outcry for Darfur since the conflict began three years ago. There, Sudanese troops and pro-government Arab militias called the Janjaweed launched a campaign of killings and rapes, prompting the Bush administration to label the atrocities as genocide. At least 200,000 have died in the conflict, and 2.5 million have been forced from their homes.[SOURCE]

I was looking forward to joining my brothers and sisters downtown, but I hear that BET is doing something right by airing it live. God bless em tomorrow. I throw my fist in the air for justice....

Peace & Blessings ya'll....

Please Donate

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Congrats Goes Out...

My main funny man is getting his own show ladies and gents!

Tyler Perry's first outing for television, "House of Payne," is heading for limited run through spring and summer, with Debmar-Mercury distributing.

Stations in 10 markets will air the first 10 episodes of the made-formade-for-syndication laffer, which centers on the conflicts of a multi-generational family living under one roof.

Additional episodes will become available for national distribdistrib in fall 2007.

Distribution plan, which Debmar-Mercury claims is influenced by the indie film release model, will roll out on stations belonging to Fox, Tribune, CBS and Sinclair, with markets in New York, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Baltimore, and Raleigh, N.C. [SOURCE]

I don't know about you guys, but I am excited to see what the "House of Payne" has to offer... Go on boy!

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Wake Up

I can't seem to fall asleep. I've taken some Nyquil to help soothe me and even that's not working. I'm stressed thinking about bills and daycare and every other thing my mind wanders into. It's just time to get with the program. It's time to take a step towards independence, towards freedom. As much as I try to stay on the right path, my very existence on this earth swings between being a mom/wife to just being me. With so many obligations vying for my attention... Me is getting lost in the sauce. What do I want? Quite simply, financial freedom... I've gotten a taste of it and now I want more. But reality is a muthafucka and now I've got to come to grips with the fact that I AM NOT RICH... Yet. They say positive thinking can be a strong catalyst of real inner change... Hanging in BH has put my mind on some different shit and I just can't seem to return. Am I crazy? Maybe a little... But only a shrink can confirm that and I've just made the decision to finally give them a call... So many thoughts run through my mind... It's getting late. It's getting late. Is it too late? Is it too late to hitch a ride onto another dream and ride it to my destiny? I want so much sometimes to just get to the end of this race of my life so I can see the entire outcome, to tally up my score... I'm so hard on myself its fucking ridiculous. I have this overwhelming need to strive for excellence and perfection that it's making me ill... Well whatever. Only time will tell where truth leads me... The question is do I have the patience to seek/find the answers?

Peace & Sweet Blessings... my Nyquil is kickin in....

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Damn! It's Like That

The Headline Reads:Harvard student's debut novel pulled by publisher

Well, I guess all the apologizing and promises to revise by Kaavya Viswanathan doesn't mean anything to Crown Publishing Group who I'm sure are quite pleased that her book is no longer on the selves... I tell you this story is really unfortunate, but as Crown Senior Vice President Steve Ross put it...

"This extensive taking from Ms. McCafferty's books is nothing less than an act of literary theft."

And with over 40 passages in the Kaavya's book being "either identical in language or common scene and dialogue", Mr. Ross's statement are right on target.

Hopefully, she can redeem herself, but I'm hard pressed to see how that could happen at this point... Maybe a book about her own life? Yeah, the title could be "How Kaavya Got Caught, Got Dissed, and Got a Real Story to Tell."

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Talking @ The TV

Finally, ahh I can relax. The boys are upstairs sleeping and I’m relaxing her on the sofa watching College Hill and all is well… Until BET found it necessary to show a close-up of Will’s throw-up all over the floor in today’s episode. WHYY!? I understand this is reality TV, but damn! I really don’t deem it necessary to give the viewers a birds eye shot of his half-eaten chicken. Almost made me want to up-chuck... And you know Audrina was wrong for cooking it in the first place, if she suspected it to be old-LOL! BTW, she sure does remind me of Alicia Keys and her boyfriend looks like he could be kin to Ray-J. Too much!


Okay, so Yo Momma! is on MTV. Now when I first saw the promos for this show, I wasn’t too interested, yet as I’ve watched a few episodes, it’s actually quite funny, especially the head-to-head challenges at the end where the opponents are able to crack on one another with information they uncovered at each other’s homes and who doesn’t laugh when Wilmer ends the show with his signature line: “$1000 in cash mon-ney..” – LMAO…

On another note, Hubby had to work late and with no hope of finding a babysitter in sight, I was forced to give up my ticket to the advance showing of MI:3.. but I suppose I’ll live until next week when it comes out… I can be such a wiener sometimes…

Oh yeah, am I the only one that trips off of My Super Sweet 16?? LOL! Those rich kids are something else...

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What You Doing Friday?

Any folks in the Detroit, MI area might be excited to see these two lovers perform at the Freedom Weekend R&B concert. There will also be a POETRY SLAM as a part of the Hip Hop Summit on this coming Saturday. Dang, I would have loved to go, but I've done enough traveling for now. Oh yeah, they still have Proof on the roster, but as we all know he is no longer with us... :(


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Man, What's Up?

Having some issues with blogger today. My last posting was slapped on my blog about twenty million times-UGH! I guess it's the curse of the crusty feet...

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Have You Taken The Pledge?

I don't know about you guys, but I know I've seen some women's feet that have made me want to slide a bottle of nail polish in their pocketbook while they weren't looking...LOL! Well, hopefully all my beautiful sistas will take a moment to look down towards those dogs and take this pledge that I got in my email (Is somebody tryin to tell me something, LMAO!) for a fabulous corn-free summer of beautiful feet...

The Open Toed Shoe Pledge

As a member of the Cute Girl Sisterhood, I pledge to follow the Rules
when I wear sandals and other open-toe shoes:

I promise to always wear sandals that fit. My toes will not hang over
and touch the ground, nor will my heels spill over the backs. And the sides
and tops of my feet will not pudge out between the straps.

I will go polish-free or vow to keep the polish fresh, intact and chip-free.
I will not cheat and just touch up my big toe.

I will sand down any mounds of skin before they turn hard and yellow.

I will shave the hairs off my big toe.

I won't wear pantyhose even if my misinformed girlfriend, coworker,
mother, sister tells me the toe seam really will stay under my toes if I tuck it there.

If a strap breaks, I won't duct-tape, pin, glue or tuck it back into
place hoping it will stay put. I will get my shoe fixed or toss it.

I will not live in corn denial; rather I will lean on my good friend Dr.
Scholl's if my feet need him.

I will resist the urge to buy jelly shoes at Payless for the low, low
price of $4.99 even if my feet are small enough to fit into the kids' sizes. This
is out of concern for my safety, and the safety of others. No one can walk
properly when standing in a pool of sweat and I would hate to take someone down with me as I fall and break my ankle.

I will take my toe ring off toward the end of the day if my toes swell
and begin to look like Vienna sausages.

I will be brutally honest with my girlfriend/sister/ when she
asks me if her feet are too ugly to wear sandals. Someone has to tell her that
her toes are as long as my fingers and no sandal makes creepy feet look

I will promise if I wear flip flops that I will ensure that they actually flip
and flop, making the correct noise while walking and I will swear NOT
to slide or drag my feet while wearing them.

I will promise to go my local nail salon at least once per season and
have a real pedicure (they are about $20 and worth EVERY penny).

I will promise to throw away any white/off-white sandals that show signs
of wear... nothing is tackier than dirty white sandals.

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Still Pissed... Well, Sort of...

Read, part one here if you missed it...

Where do I begin? Last night (or this morning) was an eye-opener and I haven't been the same since. I can't seem to shake this feeling of loss, like something has died within me. It's crazy... I keep thinking about how normal celebs really are. How Marsha kicks it and eats fried chicken just like everybody else, but somewhere deep inside of me... I feel disappointed. Like I wanted her to keep the Floetry "Songstress", songbird like personality going and going and going... Yet she's just a regular chica and that's cool and all, in fact I totally admire that, yet it makes me recognize my own crazy ideals for dreaming up flights of fancy in my head about these musicians.

*We interrupt this blog post to bring you a crazy rant... DAMN DAMN DAMN JAMES! WHY THE FUCK didn't I bring the good camera?! DAMNIT! Naw, I had to be in such a rush that all my pics came out looking like this! Why the FUCK does this camera not have FLASH!? HELLO! T-MOBILE! GET WITH IT! You thought of EVERYTHING, but NO DAMN FLASH! UGH!.... Okay, back to your regularly scheduled posting....*

The Floacist wasted no time getting to the bus with her entourage of people, but while she was signing my shirt, I noticed she had the cutest belt buckle, which instantly reminded me of Radio Raheem. LOL! She had the crowd moving to her poetic talks of revolution. In fact, there's this one line that sticks out in my mind, "I was so in love with revolution that I would practice putting my fist in the air just to make sure it looked right." Yeah, she's a special sista and the moment in the show where she wanted everyone to recognize their own unique qualities by singing Supastar to themselves was really cool. Back to the end of the night, while my sis continued her talk with Ms. Ambrosius, I zoned out looking at our surroundings and wondered WHY Rams Head doesn't have more seating? It surely wouldn't hurt to give up a few more stools, hell, put them by the bar and watch how fast your sales increase-LOL!. I moved out of my zone fast enough to hear the convo ending and Marsha saying, "If you're friends with Ray Ray, then I'll be seeing you again.." and she proceeds to give all of us hugs... (insert long AWWWWW here!) What a sweetie and my how she has lost some weight! Goodness, I know she is loving life with her new bod, not to mention she's gonna have her own solo album soon...

Goapele's segment went well too, although I haven't had the opportunity to listen to her new album in its entirety, but from what I heard it does sound good (Love Me Right is my JAM!). Of course, my all time favorite will forever be CLOSER, which I played almost EVERYDAY up until the time I quit my last job, yet with opportunities like this I might have to revist working for them again-LMAO! Speaking of jobs, I need to find one. Writing, which I haven't done enough of lately, and working on my company is not going to pay for all the fun I'm having around here....

Lastly, here's some short and noisy video from Goapele below, singing a bit of Closer (I wish the video looked like this). I also have a little video from Floetry here, but it totally sucks ass...

Peace & Blessings ya'll...

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So Pissed

This concert was off the chain and meeting the Floacist and the Songstress was off the chain too... But why am I wrapping my mind around the fact that I didn't have my good camera when I finally got to see the ladies? I was so worried about security taking the camera that I missed out on taking better photos... At least I did get some flicks and the signed t-shirt is cool too, but I can't stop thinking about the photos I could have taken... DAMN! Oh well... Ms. Marsha was so cool though (grainy photos to come, typing this from the car) when I asked her for a photo and while she was talking to my sis about what types of food she eats before she goes on stage (how did we get on that subject...LOL!). So you think I would be happy when she said she liked my sis shirt (Im juvenile, I know) but I was like what about mines... LOL! Fast forward... Listening to those ladies just made me wish hubby was right there to dance to those sweet jams... Instead I was having convulsions shaking my thing to Floetry taking us all back to the rock steady 80s and hot 90s with snippets from songs like mama said knock you out, juicy, and others but I can't remember the rest right now... Point blank it was fun and I just have to make it a point to go out more, but since I don't I was really taken back when most of the other sistas I encountered throughout the night were quite edgy and rude. WHY? It was surprising for me because I try to be friendly to everybody, but some chicas would rather grit on you then to smile... Tsk tsk... I'll holla later

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Get Low, Get Low, Get Low, Get Low

The Headline Reads: Bush's approval ratings hit new low

IS ANYONE REALLY SURPRISED? Seriously, this foolishness needs to stop. At the airport the other day, I couldn't believe that the gas prices had risen so high lately ($3.15/regular), but again THIS IS NO SURPRISE, with the current OIL president we have in office...

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The Revolution Will Be Televised....

Hot Off The Wire: The Revolution Will Be Televised: Starz InBlack Presents 'Dead Prez: It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop'

Be sure to mark your calendars (6/9/06) for this event, which will definitely be a concert worth watching. I've always looked to Dead Prez to bring a much needed balance to the rap/hip-hop industry and their music provides an open outlet to discuss the ills of our culture. Even though I currently don't have Starz, I'll be bumming over somebody's house that does or maybe I'll sign up for the day... LOL! :)

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Slow Down

Another author is in the limelight for their, um, writing talents... This time its an harvard author who faces scrutiny for lifting content from one of my past summer reads, "Sloppy Firsts". Although I haven't finished this book, looking at the comparison excerpts from each book confirms that old girl was in way too much of a rush to get her book finished. Another reminder that one should take their time when creating the next bestseller...

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Leaping Lizards!

Lost in the blogs that I love to read, I pick up the phone to hear my sister telling me "So can you get a babysitter?"... HUH!? I switch the phone around to my good ear, just in time to hear her saying that the Floetry/Goapele concert in B-more is tomorrow... Oh damn, totally forgot.. Well, knowing the band does have its' perks and even though I am in the middle of Finals at school, I'll be cutting it short tomorrow to hang out... Wait... That is so not right girl... How can you maintain the 4.0 if you can't even stay in the house long enough to study... Okay, but how many opportunities am I gonna have to hang out with some of the best R&B singers today... Damn, point well taken... School can wait... Besides between all the other constraints of my life, I deserve a little evening break tomorrow... As for today, I'm on the hunt for a job. It seems since my return from CA, hubby has been a bit adamant about me getting back into the work force... But I don't wanna.... I have a book I'm trying to write, pending plastic surgery, soulful work, and gosh let's not forget the blogs... :) With big dreams such as these, I have more than enough to keep me occupied.... His response, "Actors/Actresses waited tables while they were waiting for their big break..." Damn! Another point well taken... Okay, maybe it's possible to work and have dreams, but flipping through the current openings for fed jobs, I feel like I might be making the wrong move. I don't want a stuffy office job, I want flexibility, creativity, and being able to write or work with computers wouldn't be bad either... WHERE IS MY DREAM JOB!? That's why I feel like I need to move away from this area. I just can't seem to find the opportunities I'd like for myself...


Maybe it's me. As I read back over the last few lines, maybe I'm the one who isn't looking in the right places or making myself available for those great opportunities. Wanting to be a writer is all I've ever wanted (insert violins here), but I'm not sure how to go about it in the 'write way'....

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She's Got The Bomb

The Headline Reads: Prison Visitor Allegedly Uses Vagina To Smuggle Live Grenade

Gosh, the things folks will do these days, just blows my mind... LOL! You know I had to crack a joke...

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Coming Coming, Back Back, From Cali

Check out the LA photosMy trip over to the west coast has just solidified the fact that I love to travel, but as the old saying goes- there's no place like home and now that I've arrived, my blood is pumpin to get into something in the DC area...

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Better Look Before You Drink...

The Headline Reads: Fast-Food Employee Allegedly Spits In Drink

How disgusting, yet what seems to be the real shocker is that Shaleesheya Ford, 18, faces up to 10 years in prison! Punishment is definitely needed in this case, yet I'm really not interested in seeing her (or paying for her) to go to jail for such an amount of time as this. Dumb teens...

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Life's Lessons

As I sit reading 'Is Bill Cosby Right?' by Michael Dyson, my mind drifts off to the many people I've allowed into my life, some for good and some for no damn reason. All and all, I find it difficult to 'be easy' when it comes to those I join forces with... I have friends who are dedicated, honest, funny, and down right loyal. Friends who remember your birthday, or check in with you when they haven't heard from you, or know that you can't stand the smell of fish... And then I've had friends who were liars, backstabbers, and just plain phony. Friends who try to embarrass me on purpose, friends who have stolen money from me, and friends who have used my name to cover their bad debt histories.

My earliest recollection of friendship would be when I was five years old and I used to play with these two twin girls, who made it a point to remind my sister and I that they had way more then us in every department, more clothes, more toys, more shoes... Everything was about having more... In my adulthood, I've come to terms that this mentality has eroded my own sense of self because I'm constantly wanting more. It's like I can't afford to settle or I'm constantly proving that I too am worthy of good things...

Having learned the truths about myself and others makes it no surprise why I don't have many friends. As a matter of fact, there's this comment that has stuck with me for the past few weeks and it comes from the Lil Kim show on BET... Her brother Chris told this to Kim at her farewell dinner... 'Cut your lawn Kim. Cuz when you cut ya grass back you can see the snakes.' Very profound statement and definitely words to that I plan to live by... As the other old saying goes 'it's not the quantity but the quality...'

Nonetheless I've learned a lot from my all the folks in my life and in the end, that's what it's all about...

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Nothing To Do

I haven't been on this plane more than five minutes and I'm already bored out of my mind... I really don't like reading nor talking to my neighbor who keeps trying to speak convo so I'll just write... As scared as I am to be on this plane, I can't help looking out the window at every thing we pass.. All the mountains, clouds, and endless sky makes me feel so small in the scheme of things...

As inspiring and relaxed this trip was, I do miss my men. I talked to the fam last night and this morning. My oldest said the funniest thing... 'what's takin mommie so long?' LOL!

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Heading Home

I had such a relaxed time in BH. Everyone was so friendly and cool... I must say that a moment that sticks out in my mind is the comment CB's friend AC made about my intentions on moving to LA... 'You can't live here because you're too real aka too nice...' Huh? I mean is it really like that in LA? Everyone is too caught up in the plastic barbie assembly line that they can't afford to be real? I can't believe that to be true...

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Soulfull Straddles The Mouse...

Soulfull straddles the mouse...
Originally uploaded by Soulfull.
Yesterday was really interesting... CB and I headed to the Museum of Television and Radio and spent half of our day enjoying old programs in the library. I checked out BET Tonight: Hip Hop Voices On War (really good convo with Questlove and Talib), MTV Week In Rock: The Rodney King Verdicts, MTV's 1st Annual Music Awards, and Pepsi presents Motown (gotta love Marvin singing live on stage!)... I really had a blast in there. The photo attached to this post was taken right before one of the museum employees informed me that cameras are not allowed inside... LOL! Doesn't she know I am picture taking fool? Please... At any rate, we headed over to Bill Maher (who also had a no camera policy-UGH!) to watch him do a taping of his show "Real Time" for HBO. Bill is a funny cat, but the most interesting part of the whole taping was sitting in the same forum where they shoot the show, The Price Is Right.


So we're waiting on the hotel driver to pick us up from Maggiano's (food was delicious!) and after he finally gets there, I wanted to rip him a new behind for being so damn late, but he apologized and explained that he was from Ohio and had just arrived in LA two months ago with aspirations of being an actor and wasn't aware of the area yet. Okay, forgiven. So he starts going into this story about how this senator from Illinois was visiting the hotel and was really snotty and actually refused to ride in the same elevator with anyone.. What a loser! Then driver goes into a story about how EVE was at the hotel last week giving $100 bills to all the staff. One cool point-for her - LOL!

Lastly, I'm flipping channels in the room and I come across the commerical for Akeelah and the Bee. I jump at the scene, while yelling at CB.
"That's who I saw at LAX.."

Well, her real name is KeKe Palmer and she looked totally different considering she had her natural hair totally permed out and long. At any rate, it was cool to see a young sista doing her thing! Go Akeelah!

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This Is Gonna Take Some Time

Nothing interesting happened when we arrived at LAX... I did run into a child celebrity that I can't seem to remember her name, but she reminds me of Meagan Good. Anyway, we hopped in a taxi and ran over to the Mosaic, where I proceeded to crash on my bed due to some serious jet lag. Dang, I felt bad because we were supposed to go to some taping, but my behind could not get out of the bed. This time change is definitely going to take a minute to get used to...

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Deep in Thought

I'm passing the time away snoozing and reading Sheila Bethel's book 'Twelve Qualities That Make You A Leader' and I had a revelation; I don't like to argue nor do I like to be disagreed with... Yet true leaders have to know when to hold firm and stand there and take criticism with a tough smile... Some where in my career, I forgot how to make a difference because I didn't want to bully folks. I don't like to babysit grown adults, yet the further up the food chain (aka success ladder) the more likely you will need to do hand-holding, coaching, (interuption: still waiting for my coffee from SWA- UGH!) and cuddling to get folks off their asses... Hence why I thought I wasn't cut out for management because I wanted to lead and instead everyone wanted me to follow first... Things like you're young and inexperienced, we've been doing this a lot longer than you... Blah blah blah.... Well lets say that was the case, then why did u hire me? You had to have seen those leadership qualities.... Looking forward, I find that it wasn't even their preconceived notions of me, but my own thoughts of me that held me back from doing my best... I feed into that BS about being young and having a lot more to learn and I let it play with my mind to the point that I wasn't happy anymore, I wanted to strike out on my own and make my own thing. Question now is will I have the courage to continue my own thing despite my aspirations of leading a team once again...

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I Want Off This Plane...

I should've known when the pilot came on the speaker 'with we can expect turbulence throughout the flight' that this ride was going to turn into an 'I WANNA SLAP SOMEONE' moment. Ok, as soon as we got on the plane, my 'she's an ass' radar went up on the SWA chick who greeted us in the back of the plane with 'O we're boarding?' as she proceeded to continue to block the aisle. I turned around to look at Cinema Bitch (LJ's nickname and website) and rolled my eyes...what's her story? We ignored her behind and continued on to our seats... All was well until we realized we neglected to get our pillows/blankets in the front. CB turns to say 'excuse me, can I have blah blah blah...' SWA aka Simpleton With Attitude glances over to her and says 'sorry you missed it, they were in the front...' Ok, what does that have to do with the tea in china... Crack sure does kill, but we decided to save our energy considering the rest of the folks were boarding and grabbing every P&B in sight....


Now I'm typing away doing a post, which really won't be posted until we land because my phone is in flight mode.... Enters SWA... 'You're gonna have to turn that off while we're up in the air...' I look over my shoulder (um, why is she talking to me from BEHIND?) and say 'it's in flight mode' and proceed to keep typing... 'Well, let me see' ... I fling the MDA up over my head and show her its current status... 'oh, thank you, thank you very much'.. Goodness! I swear... At any rate, I'm wondering if I'll ever receive the coffee I'm waiting on because I'm gonna need it dealing with this dummy.... Only two more hours to go... Jeez....

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Crabs and Earrings

Well I couldn't make it through the night not going to sleep so needless to say I over slept a bit and on top of that I freakin lose one of my earrings, so I was so disgusted by that. After ten minutes of searching, I found it in the corner of the kitchen floor - WTF? Why is it that every time you're in a rush something has to turn up missing??? I'm just glad it wasn't the car keys... At any rate, LJ and I made it to the airport safe and sound. Enjoyed an interesting meal at Phillips which really just equates to frozen items being dished up by the fryer... Check out the crazy gooey crab/cheese ball pic on flickr... I dare not eat all of that mess... But speaking of flickr... Check for new trip pics on there as I'm not quite sure how to work these mobile blogger features yet!!

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Well This Is It

It's past one on the morning of my trip. I've been told that it's best not to go to sleep tonight (well this morning) as it will help me to sleep through the long plane ride. One can only hope I will be able to do that-LOL! The build-up to this trip has been quite different, no vigorous plans or major outings, just simple relaxation with a couple drops of business mixed in...

Ok, I'm trying to keep my eyes open as I type this, but I'm slowly shutting down. At any rate, I plan to capture the moments of the next few days as I make my journey to BH (Beverly Hills, CA), so from this point on I get full amnesty on the typos/grammar as I will be mobile blogging! LOL! :)

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That's What I Get

I have this big tendency to want to plan out every second of my day. I sincerely have no idea of where this insane behavior comes from. I'm waiting here in my car to get my eyebrows done and in my rush to just 'git her done' I neglected to find out if the damn salon is open this early. Go figure. It's been a minute since my last post as I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut-off to get stuff done before I leave for CALI on Wednesday morning, but thanks to the goodness of technology, now I can express myself whenever, wherever as I finally plucked down some change and bought a new cell phone. Now for serious blogger addicts like me, the T-Mobile MDA is THE BEST PHONE due to its many features: real internet, Windows mobile 5.0, camera, video/voice recorder, but the best thing by far is the keyboard, which I think is a lot easier to use than the Sidekick II that I wanted. Check out the photo quality of the photo below... Well it's time to head on in... I'll holla...

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Lord Help Us...

The Headline Reads: US steps up plans for possible Iran attack: report

Trying to work, but this tidbit from Reuters has me in a whirl wind. I am definitely making it my place to keep some cash on hand and food in the basement because there is no telling what this possible type of action could cause... Lord Help Us...

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Just A Quote

Here's the Quote of the Day from my AMA email, I thought I'd share:

"The key to accepting responsibility for your life is to accept the fact that your choices, every one of them, are leading you inexorably to either success or failure, however you define those terms."

- Neal Boortz

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Prez Bush Shakes His 'Slumps'

Props to Chico for posting this - I just had to share it here!!! This joint had me dying!!!

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Try Not To Get Addicted....

This is really hard to step away from, at least for me...

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Jigga Reps For The "Times"

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I can say one thing about it - TOTALLY UNEXPECTED! J is always blazin paths...

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Katie Makes An Exit From Today?

The Headline Reads: CBS Prepares to Land a New Anchor

Well, well, well... looks as though Katie Couric is leaving my favorite morning show for CBS. What a shame, but I'm not in the least bit upset over the switch, as she truly deserves to do her own thing considering all the time she has given to NBC.

Couric's pending departure has been the focus of intense media speculation, both because of her celebrity and the historic nature of the move. Three women -- Barbara Walters at ABC, Connie Chung at CBS and Elizabeth Vargas, who was elevated in January at ABC's "World News Tonight" -- have co-anchored alongside men. But Couric would be the first woman in broadcast network history to fly solo at 6:30 p.m.

She will be missed, but hey, we still have Matt Lauer ladies... LOL! :)

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Tag You're IT...

Well, Miss A has hit me with a tag (ouch-LOL!). Here are the rules:

If I tag you, you have to do the following: 1. The tagged victim must come up with 10 different points of their perfect lover. 2. Need to mention gender of target. 3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment saying they've been tagged. 4. If tagged again, there's no need to post a 2nd time.

Okay, hold onto your seats because this is going to be a bumpy ride…Oh yeah, my gender is male...

1. Slow down - Baby we can do it take your time do it right we can do it baby do it tonight…I know life is too short, but there’s no need to rush through it. Take your time when you’re talking, when you’re walking, when you’re dancing, and when you’re romancing me because I got enough energy to keep us both wired.

2. AdventurousLet’s take a long walk around the park after dark… I want to see the world and you have to come with me. We could hang on the swings, then glide on a plane, and slide down into some tropical place we’ve never seen before. Let’s just do the damn thing.

3. God-fearingSomething about that name Jesus. It is the sweetest name I know… Church is great, but a personal relationship with God and the Bible is wayyy better. You have to be willing to learn with me about what it is the Lord has for us to do together and separately.

4. FreeAnd I just got to be freee, freee, freeeee… Don’t lose yourself hanging up under me. I know I can be overwhelming and needy, but take time to hang out with the fellas, play video games or wash your car. It will make you a happier man and I’ll love you more because of it (besides I have a book to write-LOL!)

5. Sharp – Please never neglect the tools in your toolbox. The mind needs to be constantly molded into new shapes in order to stay fresh. I want you to read those books that you adored when you were young and find those books your never got a chance to catch up with.

6. Dedicated – So you have goals, but do you have want it takes to pursue them or will they remain on your mind’s shelf as trophies? You gotta know that you only get out of life, what you put into it.

7. Sexy – Point blank: Keep it poppin, because I’m gonna do the same.

8. Forgiving – I have issues and I would be lying if I said I didn’t, so bear with a sista when I start lunchin out and rolling my eyes… It’s just the weight of my stress. I don’t mean it.

9. Weird – I can’t stand boring (or fake) people. If you enjoy something crazy and it makes you happy, share it with me! It’s what keeps life fresh and interesting. You don’t see me hiding the fact that I like to eat raw tomatoes. YUM!

10. Kind – I got work to do and you have to help me. Be kind to me and others because you just never know who you will need tomorrow.

Well, that was actually fun. Ok, considering I’m late to the game, I’m tagging:



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There's Nothing Better Than A Late Night Storm


Something about the flicker of lightening through my window that makes me wanna go outside and get wet…

I am not afraid of the power that this man holds as I lay underneath him shaking from my childish fear of the lightening outside. Unexpectedly, the house shook with a thunderclap – BOOM! My cat, Pickles, ran across the room to hide under an ottoman as the room went completely black.

“O shit, you hear that?”
“Baby don cha were we none. List in to me, pay no mind to da storm; it jus plays a melody for us to rock to.”

He drew close to me like wax to a burning candle, diving back into my pool. In the middle of the living room floor, he regained his rhythm and my body oozed to the beat, rocking back and forth to the sounds… Pat-pat-boom-pat went the droplets as they hit the skylight above us. I looked up to catch a glimpse of the sky electrified by the blue lightening, bathing the room with light for a split second, while each of his lightening bolts rumbled below my waist. I wasn’t afraid of him, yet I continued to shake.

“What if it's...”
“Shh gal, don cha were we bout nut ting... Com down, let me sho ya how wa feel…”

He pushed harder into me, giving me no choice but to shut up and open up.

“Marry me thunda to ya fear gal and let’s make our own rain storm. Me wanna get cha wet.”

He washed my face with kisses. I wanted him to make me anew, like the earth receiving the rain outside our window. Watching the lightening flicker in his eyes, I waited to receive each drop of him against my brown wonderland, paying no mind to the destruction outdoors. His love was more commanding than the thunder and when it poured over me, I finally grew strong enough to step outside of myself and enjoy the shower. This was the storm I had been waiting for...

© 2006 Another Short by Soulfull

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Random Thoughts With No Control

Today, I discovered what it is that keeps me off the back of my husband's bike - lack of control. As we blazed through the MD streets doing close to 100mph, I hated not being able to hold a steering wheel or depend on the comfort of a car seat. Trust your husband, trust your husband... over and over I chanted these words to myself as we maneuvered in and out of traffic, but 30 minutes was all I could take. Why is it that I can't take the zoom of a bike, but in a car - Oooo weee, you can't catch me, you can't catch me. LOL! It's sickening the way I drive a car and anything less than 75 just doesn't make sense to me. I just wish I had more opportunities to get out there on the road and cruise...

Well, my trip to Beverly Hills, CA is two weeks away and I'm starting to get a bit nervous. I'm trying to live my life spontaneously, but I hate not being in control or knowing what's next around the bend. Yet, I'm really working on it! Besides, I've flown up and down the east coast and even though this trip to CA would be my first time on the westside (and my first girls-only trip), I'll be just fine. Ugh! Dang on anxiety attacks!!! Okay, things will be fine! Besides this networking trip I concocted with Laura is designed to try and take me out of my shell, so I've got to stop being a turtle! Allowing so much to infect who I am is getting old and for real, life is just too damn short for all of that! Like I told my sister, you gotta learn to put yourself first sometimes, so off I go on this 4dy/3nt trip to bascially hang in Cali. Being the travel nut that I am, I've already insisted on doing at least one of those Hollywood tours of celebrity homes...

My mother killed my cat. Well, maybe not intentionally, but somehow someway, Yo-Yo got out of my mom’s house and made it into the wild of suburbia. I was going to come back for that cat, as soon as my youngest son became a cat-loving person like his momma, but I guess time ran out. It pains me to think that she is somewhere starving or fighting off other cat bullies, but we can't seem to find her… I seek a little comfort in knowing she might be better off considering she was always trying to jet out the front door. I guess seventeen years of being in our crazy family finally drove her away...

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Guns And Butter

I'm so supposed to be doing my homework right now, but the second showing of Baby Boy on BET has me distracted. Yeah this movie has all the relationship drama (loved the Marvin Gaye/"he don't love me no mo" part) and coming of age issues that plague some of our young black men, but the most interesting parts for me are the interactions between Tyrese and Ving, most notably the guns and butter convo.

Melvin shares the observation that there are two ways to look at material things in life,"... as guns or butter." Guns are possessions you have that appreciate, like a business or a home. Butter means you spend all your time on the soft focus items in life such as clothes, cars and things that don't last very long.

Now years later, it's interesting that Tyrese is again waist deep in trying to protect another son... I'm interested to see if there will be any underlying messages in this film besides the obvious theme of "I'll hurt anyone who messes with my family/my girl/my boys..."

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Justice 4 Two Sisters

It's hard to find information regarding the rape case against the Duke Lacrosse team, but I found this interesting blog, Justice 4 Two Sisters, which definitely made it a point to stay on the J-O-B with covering the ins and outs on this one. I'm eagerly awaiting the DNA results...

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Uncovering Our History in New Hampshire

The Headline Reads: N.H. African burial ground stirs emotions

Nope, Black History is not just in February and reading this story only confirms that our history lives on, sometimes right under our streets. I sincerely hope this area will be made a national monument like the one in NY.

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The 'Row' Up For Auction?

The Headline Reads: Suge Knight could lose Death Row

Not sure what to make of this story regarding Mr. Knight's apparent lack of concern for his court-ordered appearance, but wouldn't it be nice if Dre, Snoop, or Ms. Afeni could each receive their music libraries back...

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